Do you struggle with writing proposal papers, technical papers, research papers, reports, or any other type of document?

Your struggle is over! I’ve been writing in both of my careers for over 30 years: Communications and Technical Writing, and my love of words is traced back to my early childhood when I wrote a story about how the ocean turned salty. (A family left their ultra-salty potato chips in the sand.) I can help you write your paper with ease.

“Documents made easy!” That’s what DocChic aims to do: make your documents easy to write. Whether we converse via phone, email, Skype, in person, etc., I can help you write that paper with confidence! You can even send me a rough draft with your ideas and a “brain dump” where I’ll take that information and polish it for you!

Document writing service costs vary on the type of job, and how much time and effort the job will take. Basic writing services start at $75 per hour. Call me today at 850-519-1918 or email schelley@docchic.com and we’ll figure out how to write and deliver your document!