Resumes and Business Cards

Resume Services

One of my first positions was weeding through resumes, so I had the opportunity to learn what makes a good resume stand out, and unfortunately, what makes a bad resume. Any resume with typos or poor layout (or one that’s too long) will usually be placed in the NO pile. Let’s ensure that your resume ends up in the YES pile!

“Documents made easy!” Let DocChic take your current resume and spruce it, polish it, craft it, until it’s reached ultimate readiness for the job market! Or, if you don’t have a resume yet, let me help you create yours. Your resume is an employer’s first impression of you, and it takes about 15 seconds for your resume to make an impression. Let’s ensure that your garners that employer’s attention!

Resume services are $100 per hour and will vary, depending on the complexity and length of your resume. If we are starting from scratch, the price will be higher because the job takes longer. We can either meet in person, talk on the phone, converse through Skype, whatever is most convenient for you. If you already have a resume, you’ll just need to send that to DocChic and we’ll take it from there! (But we’ll still need to have a conversation to ensure we highlight all your accomplishments!)

Call DocChic today at (850) 519-1918 or email to have your resume sparkle!

Business Card Services

The best way to represent yourself to potential clients, customers, or peers, is through a well-designed business card. This is your first impression in print! After having designed business cards for well over 20 years, I can help stylize yours to stand out in the ever-growing sea of these rectangular entities. With publication services such as, we can even design square, skinny, or other types of business cards to make you stand out!

“Documents made easy!” Let DocChic design your Business Cards and show your best “face” when handing out these cards. After all, a good business card shows your value!

Call DocChic today at (850) 519-1918 or email to set up designing your Business Card! Business Card design services start at a low cost of $40 per hour, and usually take no more than that! If you require a logo be designed, check out our Graphic Design page!