The last thing you want to do is turn in a paper, publish a menu, resume, business cards, magazine, brochure, flyer, poster, anything with text, and then discover it’s riddled with errors. The most important part of publishing or submitting a document is ensuring it is error free!

“Documents made easy!” Let DocChic proofread your document, whatever it may be, to ensure that there aren’t any typographical or spelling errors. There’s nothing worse than paying for a publication only to see that typo glaring at you! I can ensure that does not happen! With over 30 years professional experience proofreading, I can help you publish that document with confidence that you’re publishing perfection!

Call DocChic today at (850) 519-1918 or email to discuss your proofreading needs! Proofreading services start at $65 per hour, and it’s worth every penny to ensure perfection.

P.S. If you need your document designed for you, check out our Page Layout or Publications pages!