I’ve been a photographer since I was a teenager, and let’s just leave out that detail of how many years have passed between now and then! But I’ve honed my photography skills over the years and have my own personal vision that shows itself through my work. I can do anything photography related, including the following:

  • Headshots (let’s glamorize your portfolio or business card with a great headshot!)
  • Personal and Group Shots (we can showcase your business and all your employees)
  • Product Photography (let’s showcase what you’re selling!)
  • Individual or Family Portraits (let’s snap that moment in time!)
  • Pet Portraits (yes, I do pet portraits and those are my favorite – I come to your house or we meet where your pet is comfortable and can be natural. No poses when it comes to pet portraits – I capture them in their natural state!)
  • Architectural Photography (maybe you’re a real estate agent and need photos of your listings, or maybe you’re a new home owner and want to make personalized cards)
  • Anything Photography! (let me glorify your office space with a series of photographs!)

As you can see, DocChic’s photography services are widespread! Photography is my true passion and creative outlet, and I use whatever money I make from photography to support my lens buying. After all, it’s that piece of glass that makes all the difference in the world, besides the eye behind the lens – that’s the most important!

“Documents made easy!” Let DocChic capture your special moments, products, employees, family, pets, whatever you need, and I’ll make those photographs pop!

Call DocChic today at (850) 519-1918 or email to set up your photography shoot! Photography services are $75 per hour. Note that time behind the computer processing your images takes time, too. Photography only begins when the shutter clicks – the real work is done with the processing of the photos. I guarantee you will be more than thrilled with my work!

P. S. To check out some of my photography, check out the following sites: