I am so glad you stumbled upon my site. That means you’re looking for someone who can help you with your documents – whether it’s creating business cards, designing a brochure, editing your resume, helping you write a report, proofreading your 250-page Company Annual Report, taking headshots, Architecture photography, any photography(!), graphic design, whatever YOUR document needs are, I am your solution. Because I am the DocChic behind and I aim to be Tallahassee’s (and surrounding areas) go-to gal, I hope you’ll give a try to my many services I provide. You won’t be sorry, that I can provide a guarantee!

About me: My name (besides “doc chick”) is Schelley Cassidy, and I’m an original “Tallahassee Lassie,” meaning I was born and raised here. Although now I live in the outskirts of Tallahassee, in quaint town of Havana, where I enjoy country life with deer, turkeys, hawks, and my domestic dog, Thea, and somewhat-domestic cat, Spirit. But enough about me, you want to know about my experience!

I have worked in both the Communications and Technology field, both of which writing, editing, and graphic design playing a prevalent role, since the late 1980s. So that dates me! (But notice today’s radio stations play music mainly from the late 80s, which just proves oldies are goodies.)

My first career in Communications, I worked for a variety of State agencies in their Public Information offices. This is where I got to use my creative juices, as I did page layout, graphic design, in addition to writing articles for newsletters, magazines, and brochures. I was the Editor of “In the Pink,” the Florida Lottery’s player newsletter with 1 million circulation, including as a Sunday insert in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

In the mid 90s, I had become a computer “geekette” and considering my boyfriend was a computer genius, I soon made a transition to the Information Technology sector. I still wrote, but now they were Strategic Plans, Use Cases, training materials, and website content. This was in addition to taking apart Neanderthal computers and reassembling them with “bandage and paper clip” solutions. Oh, the good ole days.

Then, in Y2K, the world didn’t collapse, but I had my dream job land in my lap, which would be home for the next 17 years. I started off writing Knowledge Base Articles and Technical Bulletins for a document management software company. After five years, I made it to the Documentation department. I absolutely loved my job, as writing user and administrative documentation used all my talents collectively. After a couple years in Documentation, our company was bought out and I soon became the sole technical writer from a team of eight. For over 10 years I proactively wrote and maintained over 6,000 pages of documentation in 34 different guides and online helps.

Unfortunately, as happens in software companies, I was laid off in May 2017. But soon I found myself working for another software company, this time editing very technical, systems design documents. Then another gig popped in my lap, doing something similar, but this time I got to do graphic design again.

Since I was five-years old, I recall always being a writer. That is my true gift in this world: my talent  with the written word, and creating the visual illustration that enhances the text.

After much ruminating, I’ve decided to embark my latest entrepreneurial project,! So that’s my story.

I hope to tell yours soon!

Contact me now for a free consultation! You can call me at +18505191918, or email me at

Thank you for your consideration! Come back soon y’all, I’ll be here!

Schelley Cassidy, Documentation Specialist, Word Nerd, DocChic Owner